Visual Novel Backgrounds – Town

Six high quality (2667×1500) backgrounds for your visual novels and anime games. Quickly prototype your visual novels or even use them in your completed games. This collection of six scenes covers all of the most common scenes you would expect to find around a small Japanese town.

Scenes included are: Rural Street (day), Suburban Residential Street (day), Urban Street (night), Park (day), Underground Station, Cherry Blossom Street (day)

Backgrounds are available in both PNG and PSD formats.

Resolution: 2667 x 1500 pixels
Included file formats: PSD, PNG
Usage: Commercial / Non-Commercial
Price: $50.00$25.00
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  1. Trisha October 7, 2015 | reply
    I am wondering if this is a one time purchase, and only available to a single customer? Once someone purchases it, no one else can buy it and use it for their games correct?
    • No Bull Intentions October 7, 2015 | reply
      Hi Trisha, No, this is a non-exclusive offer. If we were offering these exclusively they would be more expensive. If you're interested in acquiring exclusive rights to these backgrounds or if you'd like new backgrounds commissioned which ARE exclusive, then please use our contact form and we'll figure something out.
  2. Alex November 5, 2015 | reply
    Hi, just to clarify, if I purchase these art packs I can use them for commercial use? I am creating a visual novel that I wish to sell and am in need of backgrounds. Also, is there an art pack for inside a home by any chance? I would be interested in purchasing one if so. Thanks!
    • No Bull Intentions November 5, 2015 | reply
      Hi Alex, Yes, you can use the backgrounds in our packs for commercial purposes. We don't have any home interior packs available at the moment, but we can provide custom backgrounds for your project at very reasonable rates. They would not be as cheap as the packs, of course, but you would have exclusive rights to these images. They would be by the same artist and of the same quality as the backgrounds in the packs. You can email me at if you would like to discuss further. - Phil

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