Visual Novel Backgrounds – School

Six high quality (2667×1500) backgrounds for your visual novels and anime games. Quickly prototype your visual novels or even use them in your completed games. This collection of six scenes covers all of the most common scenes you would expect in a Japanese high school.

Scenes included are: School exterior, classroom, science lab, corridor, rooftop dining area and swimming pool.

Backgrounds are available in both PNG and PSD formats.

Resolution: 2667 x 1500 pixels
Included file formats: PSD, PNG
Usage: Commercial / Non-Commercial
Price: $50.00 $25.00
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Buy Now - $50.00

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  1. eeenseok September 20, 2015 | reply
    Amazing backgrounds! Does the PSD version comes with original work layers or are they all merged in 1 layer?
  2. Fujoshi* December 9, 2015 | reply
    5o dollars??Really??For 6 images we can either get off the net or draw ourselves??
    • No Bull Intentions December 9, 2015 | reply
      If you can find images of this quality on the net which are legal to use in your game, then by all means do that. If you can draw images of this quality and think that $50 is a huge amount of money then I have lots of well paid work for you.

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