Star Sentinel Tactics

Star Sentinel Tactics

Star Sentinel Tactics is a turn-based tactics game developed by No Bull Intentions and published by Matrix Games / Tri-Synergy in 2005. SST was written entirely in the high level BlitzMax language and required development of a customized 3D engine and specialist development tools.

The Truevision3D engine was leveraged as a core technology but it was lacking certain features (eg: parallel split shadow mapping) which had to added. Lua scripting was also implemented in BlitzMax so that all of the AI and gameplay could be coded in Lua and loaded at runtime to permit modding.

A series of tools were created in order to make development of levels, prefabs, characters and even UI layouts easier and more efficient. Many of these tools include features which have now become standard industry practice and feature in Unity and Unreal Engines.

Programming: Phil Ings
Graphics: Various

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